For immediate release: July 8, 2020

Contact: Andrew Edelson, (201) 926-7249

Statement by Congressman Josh Gottheimer on the Primary Election

I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming support we received in this election.  It is a decisive endorsement of our Democratic ideas and Jersey Values, from affordable health care and racial justice, to clean water and lower taxes for our families.

I can’t thank our grassroots team of volunteers and supporters enough, and the leaders of our Party and elected officials who stood with me from day one. I’m also very grateful to my incredible campaign team, who worked around-the-clock to help make this happen, and to my beautiful and brilliant wife and our two wonderful children, for always standing by me.

It’s more important than ever that Americans need to be politically and civically active, and Arati’s engagement is a good example of the responsibility we all have as citizens.  I’m eager to work with all Democrats, in our “big tent” Party, as we fight for victory in November.

We are facing serious challenges as a country, perhaps more significant than ever. I remain convinced that the only way to overcome them is if we come together as Americans, not tear each other down.  We live in the greatest country in the world, and I know that, if we work together,  we can solve any problem, and our best days will always be ahead of us.

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