On Saturday, September 8, 2018, Josh Gottheimer joined families, first responders, local businesses, and local elected officials at Town Days across the Fifth District.

Gottheimer started the day at Ramsey’s 2018 Town Day, where he joined police officers, parents, Boy Scouts, and veterans, including WWII Vet George Halik, the oldest vet in Ramsey, born and bred in the town.

Next, Gottheimer stopped by Old Tappan Day at Old Tappan’s Stone Point Park, where he joined Old Tappan families, kids, and first responders.

Gottheimer then grilled burgers and hot dogs with Northvale Mayor Ed Piehler and Northvale families, local businesses, and kids at Northvale Town Day at Northvale’s John L. Hogan Memorial Park.

After Northvale, Gottheimer attended Dumont Town Day at Dumont’s Memorial Park, where he was joined by Dumont neighbors and local elected officials including Councilmen Andrew LaBruno and Rafael Riquelme.

Finally, Gottheimer wrapped up the afternoon at Midland Park Day speaking with families and watching the softball game at Midland Park’s Johnny Vandermeer Ball Field.

“I had a great day speaking to see families, veterans, first responders, and neighbors at Town Days across the Fifth District. These Town Days are one of my absolute favorite Jersey traditions, bringing us  together as a community and supporting our local businesses and organizations,” said Josh Gottheimer. “I am so grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this weekend’s Fifth District Town Days a success, and to the first responders who worked to keep us safe. It is events like these that make our North Jersey community so special.”

Below: Gottheimer with veterans, seniors, families, and first responders at Ramsey Town Day 2018

Below: Gottheimer attends Old Tappan Town Day at Old Tappan’s Stone Point Park


Below: Gottheimer attends Northvale Town Day at Northvale’s John L. Hogan Memorial Park

Below: Gottheimer attends Dumont Town Day at Dumont’s Memorial Park

Below: Gottheimer wraps up the day at Midland Park Town Day at  Midland Park’s Johnny Vandermeer Ball Field