As a candidate for Congress, I have spent a great deal of time with the leadership of Fort Lee. I have consistently heard from them, and families in the community, about the importance of moving the Fort Lee Main Street U.S. Post Office branch to its new location. The town cannot afford any further delays and has been ready to move into the new location for months. The Post Office should move without delay and not let red tape tie up what will be a great benefit to the families in Northern New Jersey. 

This is exactly the kind of local issue that I will tackle when I represent Fort Lee. As Congressman for New Jersey’s Fifth District, I have always fought to make sure that the needs of every community in the District are addressed — whether it’s fighting to fill potholes in our neighborhoods or working to move a post office to a location more suitable for constituents.  

I’m hoping this issue is resolved before the election. But if it’s not, I won’t rest until the Fort Lee Main Street U.S. Post Office is moved. This is something we all want and I will work with all levels of government to make sure it happens as quickly as possible.