Highlights Work Across the Aisle to Cut Taxes, Fight for First Responders, Vets, Seniors, and Claw Back Dollars to NJ from Moocher States

Today, September 4, 2018, Josh Gottheimer released “Jersey Values,” his campaign’s first TV ad, up on the airwaves, as of this morning.

The ad features Vernon Mayor Harry Shortway, a Republican, Oakland Mayor Linda Schwager, a Democrat, and Fifth District families, first responders, veterans, and seniors. From the inside of a diner, these residents highlight Josh’s work to do what’s good for Jersey–cut taxes for our families and businesses, secure life-saving equipment for first responders to help fight crime and terror, help returning veterans with jobs and the VA, work across party lines to get things done, and claw federal tax dollars back to Jersey from the Moocher States.

Josh is Co-Chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. He was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and was ranked the most bipartisan freshman Democrat by the Lugar Center at Georgetown. His first piece of legislation passed in Congress helped post-9/11 vets at the VA.

In the ad, Josh concludes, “I approve this message, because it’s not about partisan politics, it’s about Jersey Values.”

Watch the full ad HERE.