NORTH JERSEY —  Today, August 31, 2022, Josh Gottheimer released a new video ad as part of their public awareness campaign to make hard-working Jersey families and commuters aware that they will soon face New York and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) insane cash grabbing $23/day Congestion Tax when driving into Manhattan south of 60th street.

Gottheimer is standing up for Jersey families and fighting back against the outrageous Congestion Tax because it will drain our families’ pocketbooks and small businesses who are already struggling, and will do nothing to actually help the environment or ease congestion.

New York and the terribly mismanaged MTA’s Congestion Tax would cost Jersey drivers up to $23 dollars a day, more than $5,000 a year — on top of the already far-too-high $16-a-day tolls for our bridges and tunnels — to drive south of 60th Street to work in New York City. No revenue from the Congestion Tax goes to support New Jersey, unlike the shared Port Authority tolls. It could go into effect as early as 2023.

Can you imagine a hard-working nurse from Jersey having to pay $23 dollars a day on top of the $16 dollars they pay to go over the GW Bridge — not to mention what it costs for parking and gas? Just read MTA spelled backwards and it tells you exactly how the MTA looks at New Jersey right now — as their personal ATM.