Your vote is critical — we want make sure you know how to cast it and can make your voice heard on November 3rd.

Casting Your Ballot:

New Jersey voters have several options to cast their ballot safely and securely this year. Every voter will receive a ballot in the mail in late September or early October. You can choose to mail it back, bring it to a secure drop box or bring it to a polling location on November 3rd. You can also choose to vote in person on November 3rd using a paper ballot. Every municipality will have at least one polling location open.

This mainly vote-by-mail system was used in the July Primary Election and resulted in the second highest voter turnout in New Jersey history. It is safe, easy, and effective to vote by mail! Vote-by-mail has been proven to increase turnout, which is great for our democracy. The use of mail-in ballots and paper provisional ballots also means a paper trail for the results.

How can I vote?

  • Fill out, sign and seal to your ballot then put it in a mail box. Your ballot will have pre-paid postage.
  • Bring your ballot to a secure drop box location where it will be picked up by your local Board of Election.
  • Bring your ballot to a polling place on November 3rd.
  • Vote at your polling place November 3rd.
  • I want to vote in person. Where do I go?

Find Your Polling Place

Find Your Polling Place Here. Your polling location may have changed due to COVID.

Drop Box Locations

How do I know my vote was received?

You can track your ballot here.

Ballot Issues? Call Your County Clerk:
  • Bergen: (201) 336-7000
  • Passaic: (973) 225-3690
  • Sussex: (973) 579-0900
  • Warren: (908) 475-6211