Attacks Woman’s Right to Choose — Even in Cases of Rape and Incest

Extremist Pallotta Calls Abortion “Manslaughter”

WYCKOFF, N.J. — Josh Gottheimer released a television ad highlighting “Far-Right Frank” Pallotta’s extreme views on abortion. 

Pallotta supports ending a woman’s right to choose — even in cases of rape or incest, and called abortion “manslaughter.”

Extremists like Pallotta have declared a war on choice, women’s healthcare, and personal privacy. His radical position will roll back the clock in New Jersey and our nation, criminalizing abortion, and putting millions of women’s lives and health at risk.

Since taking office, Josh Gottheimer has always defended the right to choose. As our Congressman, Josh has opposed any attempt to stand between a woman and her doctor, or her faith, when making personal and private health care choices.


Script: (Narrator) Imagine a politician that calls a woman’s right to choose manslaughter. That’s extremist Frank Pallotta. Yeah, he calls abortion manslaughter. He opposes a woman’s right to choose even in the case of rape and incest, a radical position. Pallotta would punish rape victims, imprison doctors. Pallotta wants to control women’s healthcare decisions and have politicians like him dictate our healthcare. Frank Pallotta, too extreme for New Jersey.